We’ve come across and exceptionally cool guitar chair that can be used by not only guitar players but all other musicians too. The great thing about this particular guitar chair is that you can set it up in such a way that makes it look like you are standing instead of sitting.

THis is definitely a specific product to serve a certain type of need. Whilst this guitar chair is mainly for guitarists, we have had a lot of feedback recently of DJ’s who use this guitar chair at gigs. They’ve claimed that is is revolutionary because they can DJ for hours while giving off the perception that they are standing whilst they are in actual fact, sitting.

This means that the DJ’s and musicians using this chair, can play and entertain for hours without getting tired. This may not be what you are looking for if you are a guitarist, keyboard player or DJ that plays 45 minutes sets of music and then is done. However, if you are a guitar player/keyboard player or DJ that has to play 2 hours of music or a full day of music then you will definitely need a chair.

The wrong guitar chair can give off the perception that the musician or entertainer is lazy or tired but with this special guitar it really looks like the entertainer is in a higher and straighter position which gives off a much better perception than sitting low down.

The guitar chair is highly portable

It is indeed, this means that it can fold up nicely and be transported from gig to gig, venue to venue with no problem at all. It can also fit nicely into your car for easy travel. Setting up this guitar stool is also easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. This is why these guitar chairs are so popular for the travelling and working musicians who needs a comfortable guitar chair with the added convenience of portability.

The guitar chair is highly comfortable

This guitar chair has been made in such a way that is is padded enough to sit comfortably for hours on end. The amount of padding you decide to get on your guitar stool is up to you. Obviously the more padded the guitar chair is, the more comfortable it will be. But remember , being comfortable is a luxury so expect to pay more for a more padded guitar chair.

The guitar chair is functional

THis guitar chair is very functional, which means that it performs a job well. And that job is making a comfortable seat for the musicians whilst maintaining the correct sitting height for a professional look and perception. Some guitar chair manufacturers further increase their functionality by adding things like a guitar stand/holder built into the seat. This means that instead of taking a chair and a stand to a gig, you can just take the chair. THe problem with this extra functionality is that it only suits guitar players and would not really benefit a keyboard player in any way. THe stand could be used to hold a DJ’s headphones.

The guitar chair comes in one Color

This is unfortunately true, there is only one color to choose from when it comes to buying this guitar chair in particular. However, having said that, this is not a major set back to the functionality of the guitar stool at all. If one so wished, one could decorate his/her guitar chair in such a way that would make them happy. This is not really necessary though.