LiveMusicCapitol.com is a non-profit organization based in Austin Texas. Our goal is to create awareness to the underground international touring bands traveling through Austin, TX aka the live music capital of the world. By giving and creating awareness to music culture/counter culture international to local talents have an opportunity to find the direction and fan base they require in order to succeed.  Through this collective group of members who’s overall goal is to shine the light on new and undiscovered talents as well as help preserve the history of Austin’s own music culture. To create awareness is our primary mission for the independent artists of the world, we can help keep Austin’s own as well as the international music culture/counter culture thriving!

LMC is your one stop shop when it comes to the Live music scene of Austin Texas which if you haven’t already heard, is as our name states, the Live Music Capitol of the world.


LMC’s mission is to become Austin’s number 1 live music online platform. This means to inform the public of the festivals Austin has to offer, the local bands as well as the bars, restaurants and venues that provide live music. LMC hopes to compile a monthly gig guide in the near future to keep the live music enthusiasts of Austin and the tourists informed about the various live music events for the month.

A long term goal for LMC is to incorporate all aspects of Austin’s artistic culture. We hope to include Artists, poets, designers, actors and any other category that fits under the broad term, “Art”