Mission Statement

LiveMusicCapitol.com is a non-profit organization currently seeking state and federal non-profit status.  Our goal is to create awareness to the underground international touring bands traveling through Austin, TX aka the live music capital of the world. By giving and creating awareness to art, film and music culture/counter culture international to local talents have an opportunity to find the direction and fan base they require in order to succeed.  Through this collective group of members who’s overall goal is to shine the light on new and undiscovered talents as well as help preserve the history of Austin’s own art, film and music culture.  Raising funds to create awareness is our primary mission for the independent artists of the world, we can help keep Austin’s own as well as the international art, film and music culture/counter culture thriving!”- Founding member

Our Goals:

  • File papers for state and federal recognition
  • Continue to find volunteers, grant writers and legal representation
  • Reach out to sponsors all over the world